Robert Harmon

Robert Harmon
Solution Architect, Firebolt

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Firebolt Live Product Showdown

Next session: October 17, 2 PM BST / 10 AM PDT
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Virtual

Are your queries not nearly as fast as you want them to be? Join Firebolt’s Live Product Showdown where you’ll learn how to deliver sub-second analytics over TB-scale datasets with the cloud data warehouse built for engineers.


Basic database and SQL knowledge. Knowledge of data warehousing and cloud concepts is a plus but not a requirement.


  1. A demo of a data app that runs analytics in sub-seconds, over dozens of TBs of data
  2. Speeding up your queries using indexes and partitions while requiring less compute
  3. How Firebolt ditches the traditional "just throw more resources at it" approach to reduce costs
  4. Working with semi-structured data using JSON functions and dealing with arrays
  5. Q&A and knowledge exchange