Accelerate Looker Performance by 33-300X

How to deliver sub-seconds performance for Looker dashboards

"My Looker is slow"

As data volumes have exploded, Looker dashboards have slowed down. It’s not a problem with Looker, or LookML performance issues. It’s your data warehouse.

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The Looker + Firebolt Advantage

Firebolt allows Looker users to finally have an interactive conversation with all their data at any level of detail. By adding Firebolt, companies have been able to deliver sub-seconds performance in Looker for any dashboard, from gigabyte to petabyte scale.

33-300x faster

According to customers’ own benchmarks, Looker dashboards and queries run 33-300x faster on Firebolt than on Snowflake, Redshift or Athena.

Unlimited scale

With Firebolt, companies have Achieved sub-seconds performance for dashboards at gigabyte to petabyte scale, and unlimited room for growth.

5-10x lower cost

Firebolt’s 10x greater efficiency, choice of any node type and number, and price transparency has enabled Looker customers to get sub-seconds performance at 5-10x lower cost.

How running Looker and Firebolt is so much faster?

Optimized for Looker SQL

Firebolt is the only cloud data warehouse that uses query optimization, indexing and multi-level pushdown optimization - all tuned with Looker in mind - to make Looker fast. It turns every Looker SQL query on the fly into a physical query plan that delivers the fastest performance each time using cost-based optimization and just-in-time compilation.

Any query, any data size

Firebolt leverages indexing for data access, aggregations, joins and searches to make every query fast against any data. For example, it uses indexing to fetch exact data ranges from RAM, SSD and S3 cache and storage, not entire partitions. This allows Looker users to perform any query against gigabytes to petabytes of data without having to aggregate or prune data first.

Delivered in weeks

Companies have been able to add Firebolt to their existing infrastructure in weeks. By leveraging LookML and importing existing data warehouse schema and DDL, they were able to add Firebolt as a new data warehouse in weeks, without having to rewrite their existing dashboards. Firebolt also paid for itself within a few months because of its 100% pay-as-you-go pricing and 5-10x lower costs.
Gil Luz
Data Nation

As a data advisor for many tech companies, I have extensive experience with most data warehouse solutions. I'm super impressed by Firebolt's extreme performance, intuitive user experience and innovative business model.
I have no doubt this is a game changer!

With Firebolt, our 1000 Looker users can now run any analytics against billions of rows and terabytes of data, in seconds or less.

Alexandra Sudilovski
Senior BI Expert & Looker Guild Master, AppsFlyer
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