Larry Clark
Distinguished Solution Engineer, Tableau

Brooks Barth
Analytics Consultant, InterWorks

David Smelker
Solutions Architect, Firebolt


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Scaling beyond the Tableau Extract: How to Go Fast on Live Data with Firebolt

Tuesday Aug 2nd 2022, 10 am PT

As organizations scale their investment in Tableau they frequently use Tableau Extracts as a quick fix for performance challenges with their data warehouse platform. This is a great solution for small to medium sized data. But, what do you do with larger data volumes? How can you provide fast access to the largest data sets with the live query that your users demand?

Join Tableau, InterWorks, and Firebolt to discuss how to address this challenge to achieve:

  1. TB-scale analytics in live query mode without any pre-aggregation
  2. Fine-grained dashboards ready for drill-down
  3. Sub-second performance for embedded analytics within customer-facing apps