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The Data Bros (AKA Eldad and Boaz Farkash) are on tour! In the Data Engineering Show’s first in-person event, the bros talked to top engineers from Slack, Eventbrite and Anteriad about their data stacks and best practices for large scale analytics.

A Deep Dive into Slack's Data Architecture

How the data platform evolved as Slack grew from a startup to an IPOed and then acquired company.

Speaker: Apun Hiran, Director of Software Engineering (Data), Slack

Self-Service Analytics on High Quality Data at Eventbrite

How Eventbrite enables internal and external users to self-serve on high-quality data, while overcoming the challenges of large scale data.

Speaker: Archana Ganapathi, Head of Data Engineering/Analytics, Eventbrite

Sub-second Analytics Over Growing Customer Data

The solution Anteriad deployed to support growing customer data volumes and complexity of analytics, without requiring a large amount of overhead.

Speaker: Sagiv Ben-Yakov, VP of Engineering, Anteriad